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Now that you have an easy way to generate leads ...

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Get YOUR Copy of

The SYSTEM Used by
Millionaire Agents to
CONVERT More of Your Leads
to Face-to-Face Appointments*

Get YOUR Copy of

The SYSTEM Used by
Millionaire Agents to
CONVERT More of Your Leads
to Face-to-Face Appointments

"Craig is a visionary who reinvented the job called real estate and someone who teaches agents about freedom rather than about work." - Michael Gerber (author of the bestselling business book The E-Myth )

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  • How to REACH Your Leads
  • WHAT TO SAY & DO to Compel Them to Meet With You

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From: Craig Proctor
Congratulations, you've made a great decision to get your FREE COPY of my book that shows you the Top Performing Real Estate Ads on Facebook and why they work. When you run the Facebook ads I've given you, you WILL generate leads ... however, if you don't know how to convert these leads to face-to-face appointments, I’m sure you agree that the whole process was an epic waste of your time and money. 

Lead Conversion is a Major Achilles Heel for Most Agents

There are over 5 Million home sales every year in North America ... that's over 14,000 home sales happening every single day. If you could get in front of more of these buyers and sellers and plug yourself into more of these transactions that are happening anyway …

... You'd Get RICH!

When I got into real estate, I made the same mistake that most agents make ... I looked around at what all the other agents were doing and I copied them: Cold calling, door knocking, open houses, chasing FSBOs and Expired listings, facing constant rejection and humiliation. In my first few years, I put in my share of 16 hour days working 7 days a week and what I soon realized is that you can be the most ethical, hardest working realtor in marketplace, but if you don't have enough clients, you'll starve.
By the end of the first year I was a dismal failure and I almost made the decision to quit. But the problem was I had nowhere else to go because I only had a high school diploma, so I was forced to figure out how to make real estate work, and eventually … 
Long story short, the solution was SYSTEMS, and eventually, I was selling over 500 homes a year - more than a home a day -- as an agent, not a broker - and making a lot of money doing so ... with an average annual GCI of over $4 Million a year. In fact, as you may know, several times I was named the #1 Remax agent in the world - the first time before I'd even hit the age of 30 - and I was top 10 for Remax worldwide throughout my career.  

And it was all because I'd cracked the code ... through trial and error I developed a system that not only compelled droves of highly qualified buyers and sellers to contact me, but I also figured out a system to convert those buyers and sellers to face-to-face appointments … and those appointment to signed contracts. 

It Didn't Just Work for Me ... 
When I Shared My System With Other Agents, THEY GOT RICH TOO!

Now while that's kind of exciting for me, the more important thing is that it didn't just work for me.

Soon, so many agents wanted to know how to do what I was doing, that I started training and coaching agents by the thousands. In fact, I've trained over 30,000 agents worldwide, and these agents simply copied the system I shared with them … and the results were SHOCKING!

... the Results Were SHOCKING!

I helped these agents go from dead broke to earning high 6-figure and even 7-figure incomes ... AND, I also helped agents already making 6-figure incomes but who were working 24/7, sacrificing their lives for their businesses and I showed them not only how to get their lives back but actually expand their business while working less.
"The incredible success I’ve had using the system Craig shared with me led to me building an awesome team of agents. Before Craig we were earning $300k in annual GCI. In 2020 our goal is to help 1,100 families, do $14 Million in GCI, and give back $500,000 to worthy causes!"
- Sarah Reynolds-Oji,  Chantilly, VA
(#1 Keller Williams Worldwide)

In fact, the Average Annual Income for my students Is OVER $700k in GCI.
Over 100 Members Earn OVER $1 MILLION In Annual GCI.
MANY Earn Annual GCI of $2 MILLION.
Some have even broken $10 MILLION.*

This is Proof Positive That You Can Do This Too!


  • How to reach your leads AND exactly what to say to compel prospects to want to meet with you 
  • The 6 questions you should be asking prospects when you follow up with them, and what you should never say on your follow up calls.
  • I'll give you the exact script my successful members use ... the same script I used myself ... that will dramatically increase your conversion
  • I'll even let you listen in on actual follow up calls I've made myself with Facebook leads so you can hear exactly what to say
With more clients, you could make much more money … and believe me, I can show you how to do that in such a perfect way that you'll get crazy rich,  just like other agents I've shared my system with … and this is without you having to give up your life to do it.

Rich Agent Secrets to Lead Conversion Has Already Helped Countless Realtors Across North America...

The Question Is...

"Are YOU Next?"

This System Has Created MORE MILLIONAIRE AGENTS Than ANY Other Coach or Trainer

Listen to What Industry Leaders Have to Say About Craig Proctor...

If You're Sick and Tired of All the Hype, Scams and Claims You See Online Lately, Then Read These Amazing Success Stories from Actual, Real Students...

"If you're looking for massive growth in your business, this is where you'll find it."

"I got involved with Craig as a new agent with 6 months of experience and grew from 2 transactions to over 131 a year in just 3.5 years. Craig and his coaching system have changed my life.

"Before Craig, I worked long hours, barely saw my one year old son, and my relationship with my wife was strained at best. I was burned out, disappointed, disenfranchised and on the way out.
"If you want to build a reliable and steady business that allows you to live a great life and have your time back then this it. If you’re a skeptic and a cynic who’s unwilling to work for success, this system is not for you. 

"I’m living proof that this system is effective and I am willing to take a call from anyone who is on the fence about Craig Proctor. Call me at 858.997.6993. Don't believe someone who has NEVER even attempted the system. The program is life altering and proven. My business as a Real Estate agent has grown from 2 transactions in 2011 to over 400 last year."
"We worked by ourselves and averaged selling about 40 houses a year. While this was good in our area, we worked all the time. Our business relied on us, so if we weren't selling anything we were in trouble. This business can control your life. People control when you're available; when they need you. You have to stop everything to do what they want you to do.

"Craig showed us how to solve that and we're now averaging around 130-140 closings a year. We're able to spend more time on the weekends at our beach house, spend time with our teenaged daughter, go on our boat, the Waverunner, a motorcycle ride any time we want.

"A month or two after purchasing our RE/MAX franchise, Darlene was diagnosed with breast cancer. Craig's systems gave us the ability to literally focus on her health. She had to have six surgeries in eight months. Having the Craig Proctor Systems in place totally got us through the eight months. Darlene is now totally healed and healthy and we didn't skip a beat."

"The Craig Proctor System gives us the amazing flexibility and opportunity to enjoy our life together."

"Craig Proctor’s System has totally transformed my life. While I've worked hard to get to my current level of success, hard work didn't always translate into the kind of life I yearned for. 

"Before Craig I worked 7 days/week earning over $250k in annual GCI, but I was never home. My wife working a 9-5 job out of the house so neither of us had enough time with our two young sons. I was overweight because I had to eat fast food almost daily while showing homes (and had no time for exercise).

"Now I work a normal work week. My wife has joined my business as my partner and we spend lots of time with our sons. I now eat healthy and exercise at least 3 times a week. Our production continues to increase and I'm currently earning annual GCI of over $8 Million. While I recently left Re/Max to start my own brokerage, just prior to leaving I ranked #1 for RE/MAX in California, #4 in the U.S. and #6 Worldwide!"

"Craig's system enabled me to grow my business from $250k to over $8 Million in GCI.
In the last 12 months, I booked over a Billion dollars worth of real estate."

"I found this program at a time when I was really scared for my future, and now all I see are possibilities."

"For 6 years before finding Craig Proctor, I literally gave everything to clients who, in actuality, had no loyalty and no real consideration for me. I spent too little time with my two kids and, from a business standpoint, I was just trading time for money. I just couldn't get past $5-6 million in sales.

"I told myself, "Something MUST change". I started looking for a better way and my research kept me coming back to Craig Proctor who taught me to work smarter, make more money, create stability and enjoy my life again. I wish I had found Craig's system sooner.

"The result? I TRIPLED my volume in the very first year. I took multiple vacations with my kids. I even finally got the convertible I'd been dreaming about for YEARS … a Mercedes SLK350. I bought my own home ... for cash. Craig's system is a game changer. My 16-year-old son used to say, "You work all the time but there's no benefit." Now he says, "Mom, I can see the possibilities in your future, and mine!"

"Nine years ago, my father started in this business all on his own. I saw him doing it in a traditional way. I saw the business come and go, fast and slow, and there was no real understanding of what was ahead. I joined the business and we spent countless hours looking for a better way.

"Then I learned about Craig Proctor’s system and it was as if I’d found buried treasure!! Everything made so much sense. I didn’t think twice and embracing Craig’s system was the best business decision of my life. 

"After a month of learning, we did our first CP deal which made us feel very confident! By the end of the year we had earned $212,000 gross commission. In our second year of implementing Craig’s system, we made a quantum leap and more than doubled our gross commission to $480,000. The next year, we projected to gross $1,000,000 commission and reached this goal by half way through the year. I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short period of time."

"In our third year using Craig's System, we projected to gross $1 Million GCI and reached this goal by half way through the year!
I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.."

"I was a single mom,
had just quit my job
and moved to a new city where
I knew no one.
Failure was not an option."

"I was a single mother, had just become a Realtor, moved to a new city where I had no friends or family and knew no one! I had just quit my job of 13 years in the dental field so it was not an option to fail!

“I attended Craig’s SuperConference, immediately started implementing his systems and saw instant results. I did 3 deals in my very first month as a realtor and 35 in my very first year, earning about $175k. My business has just continued to grow from there. We are helping many families every year and my goal is $2 Million GCI this year but we have been earning 7 figures with the team for 5 years now.

“I have time to spend with my kids and also have an exciting life and lead a team of amazing agents and staff. Everyone within the CP family has such a giving heart and is so willing to share knowledge. We have access to cutting edge materials and always ahead of the rest of the crowd for sure!"

"If you want to see your quality of life change, your business grow, have more free time and make more money, definitely check out Craig's System."

"At age 24 I was a part-time, dual-career agent (also working as an IT consultant). 5 years in, I made the jump to full-time real estate but was only selling 4-6 houses a year and realized I couldn't survive on my own without anybody teaching me what to do. I went to one of Craig Proctor's half-day seminars and tried one of the ads Craig gave me. It worked! I actually ratified my first contract within a week of running that ad.
"What I like about Craig's system is that it's a copy and paste system. I can simply take things that work, implement them and see the results immediately. In my first full year using Craig's system, I doubled my production. Within a year, I went from being at the bottom of the totem pole to finishing top 3 of 108 agents in my Re/Max office. My business has grown significantly every year and I’m now earning over $1 Million in annual GCI.
"Craig showed me how to be a marketing expert, how to increase my volume and price per transaction while working much less hours.”
“After 24 years in the business I’d hit a ceiling of $150k. I was tired, burnt out and ready to quit. 

"Last year our team did $400k and our target is $1 Million in the next two years. 

"I got involved with Craig’s system because I felt it would help me generate more leads and build a business, but it’s given me so much more than that:
  • Association with the most successful agents on the continent who have become my friends
  • The freedom to travel
  • The peace of mind that comes with consistent and predictable business growth ... and so much more

"My Biggest Mistake as a Real Estate Agent?
I found Craig's system years ago but never applied it to my business."

As You Can See...

Rich Agent Secrets to Lead Conversion Has Already Helped Countless Agents from Across North America...

The Question Is ... Are You Next?

Presenting ...

Rich Agent Secrets
to Lead Conversion!!!

But Here's the Problem, Right?
Real Estate is Really TWO businesses ....
  • The Business of HELPING Clients Buy or Sell a Home (This is the easy part; It's why you got into the business in the first place)
  • The Business of FINDING Clients to Work With: (This is the hard part; without an effective lead generation system, real estate is difficult)
The fact is, you can be the best, most professional and skilled real estate agent on the planet but if you don't have enough clients to work with ... you'll starve.

What you NEED is a way to inexpensively and automatically generate a steady flow of motivated, ready-to-act prospects - a way to fill your lead pipeline that doesn't depend on your blood, sweat and tears.

But for most agents, there's a hard, unbreakable link between hard work, long hours and income in this business. For most, high income is the reward earned by your tolerance for pain and punishment. For most, it's a numbers game, so you must suffer through hordes of unqualified, indecisive, impossible to satisfy time-wasting non-prospects just to unearth a gem now and then.
For most agents, the equation is ...
"Your Money or Your Life"
In other words, you EITHER make good money but have NO TIME to enjoy it, OR you have so few clients that you have lots of free time but NO MONEY

EVEN WORSE? For far too many agents, BOTH things are broken:
They kill themselves 24/7 chasing unqualified, disloyal prospects so they have both NO MONEY AND NO TIME!

Aren't You SO Sick and Tired of it All?

When you drag your sorry carcass home at the end of each long day, don't you wonder how you'll ever get out from under ...

  • Roller Coaster, Up and Down, Gut-Twisting Income Uncertainty?
  • Chasing Cold, Unqualified, Disloyal, Often Rude and Insulting Prospects?
  • Spending Your Hard-Earned Money to BUY Leads That Never Go Anywhere?
  • ​Being "On Call" 24/7 Like a Cardiac Surgeon or Bail Bondsman?
  • Trotting Out Like a Beauty Pageant Contestant to Meet With Prospects Also Interviewing 3, 4, 5 Other Agents? 
  • Spending Your Weekends at Open Houses Where Nobody Comes?
  • ​​Hounding FSBOs and Expireds
  • Feeling Desperate and Fearful About "Losing a Deal"?
  • ​Feeling Like a Beggar on Bended Knee
  • ​Investing Untold Hours Playing Tour Guide to Buyers, Showing Properties to Prospects Who Can't Make a Decision or, Worse, Find a Way to Leave You Behind When it Comes Time to Buy?
  • ​Having to Turn Every Social Engagement into a Sell-a-Thon So You Find Yourself Pushing Business Cards at Your Child's Soccer Game or Dance Recital or at the Neighborhood BBQ
  • Death by Advertising - spending, spending, spending with nothing to show for it
  • ​Being Pushed by Trainers, Coaches, Managers, Peers to "Do More"
  • ​Tension at Home ... Resentment of Your Career
I get it. The fact is that wherever you are in your business right now, I've been there too.

I know only too well how this business can suck the very life out of you and make it seem impossible to ever earn a decent living without sacrificing everything else you hold dear. 

I know. I've been there.
But it doesn't have to be this way!
You see, when I started out in this business, I did ALL of the above. In fact, you could say that I made the same BIG mistake most agents make when they get into the business: I looked around at what all the other agents were doing and I copied them.

As it turns out, "copying" wasn't a bad plan, it's just that I was copying the WRONG people; the WRONG system...

Over the 20+ years of my own real estate career, I've gone from being as dumb as a pile of rocks, living in my parents' basement, dead-broke, burnt-out and demoralized to twice being the #1 Re/Max Agent Worldwide selling over 500 homes a year and earning annual GCI of over $4 Million. So I can tell you from firsthand experience that the problem isn’t you. The problem is the techniques and systems you’re using. And once I figured it all out, it became my mission to help other real estate agents just like you!
My name is Craig Proctor ... 
... and I Went from ZERO to 7-FIGURES With the Lead Generation SYSTEM I Want to Share With You
Look, if this is a business where it's easy to make $250,000.00, $500,000.00, even $1 Million a year .... and I promise you, it is - why don’t more do that? 

Over the last 25 years, I’ve carefully observed the behavior of over 30,000 agents who are using my system, as well as those I’ve competed against, coached, counseled, etc. I’ve also very carefully analyzed what works for me and what doesn’t.

But more than that, I learned by watching successful businesses outside of Real Estate and asking: who are the major players and what are they doing and not doing that makes them so successful? 

Out of all that, I narrowed the differences between the relative few who create giant incomes and rich lives from this business, versus the vast majority who struggle, to just a few simple strategies that it's important for you to understand. 
Read how truly life-changing my system is from just a few of my over 30,000 students from all over North America ...
Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Could Flick a Switch and NEVER Have to Worry About Lead Generation Ever Again!

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • NEVER Need to Make a Cold Call Again
  • ENJOY a Steady, Consistent Flow of Prospects Contacting You (vs. You Chasing Them)
  • ​Impose REAL CONTROL Over Every Aspect of Your Business
  • ​ENJOY WHATEVER 6-Figure or Even 7-Figure Income You Really Want
  • ​WORK A NORMAL 20-40 Work Week (vs. the 50, 60, 70 Hours You're Putting in Now)
  • ​HAVE EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS AS YOUR OWN to Whatever Extent You Want, Without Harming Your Income, Without Worry and Guilt
  • ​Have Your Spouse or Significant Other & Family STOP RESENTING YOUR BUSINESS
  • BUILD UP A "BANK" OF MATURING LEADS Converting to Listings Month In and Month Out, So Income Evens Out and Stabilizes, and Ups and Downs and Slumps and Dry Spells End
  • Use One Ad Dollar or Marketing Activity to SIMULTANEOUSLY DO TWO THINGS: produce prospects ready-to-act-now AND "stock the pond" with others who will get ready over varying periods of time. (That second group is "money in the bank" accumulating, stacking, so that a sufficient arrival of ready prospects each month becomes more and more certain each month you operate my System.)
  • ​If You Are a Struggling Agent, Get RESCUED From Financial Strife, Futile Work, Feeling Like a Failure, Family Discord and FINALLY HAVE A CLEAR AND CERTAIN ROADMAP TO FOLLOW
These Days, Real Estate Coaches, Trainers and Gurus are Crawling Out of the Woodwork ... 
... they're All Over Facebook and Instagram and in Your Inbox.
Who Should You Listen to??
          Some of them sell a few or even dozens of homes a year, but most are failed agents looking for a new way to make money (from YOU). Many of them have "borrowed" what they learned from ME. Astonishingly, some have never sold a home in their lives or in decades - never been in front of a real buyer or seller. What on earth do you think you could learn from them?? Something they read in a book or heard at a seminar that they're now regurgitating without ever trying it themselves??? It sounds kind of silly to think they could teach you anything of value, doesn't it?
          I'll tell you, who you learn from MATTERS. You don't need motivation or hype (you're already motivated). What you need is a PROVEN system that works in the real world, right now. And THAT'S what I've got for you. If you investigate any marketplace across North America you'll find that the very top agents are Craig Proctor System users.
          No other coach or trainer can even come close to my well-documented track record. No other real estate system has been successfully duplicated in as many markets by as many agents producing such staggeringly successful results. My system has created more Millionaire agents than any other. Period.
I've packaged up a formidable arsenal of Lead Conversion training (books and videos) that are normally reserved for my Coaching Members called:
"Rich Agent Secrets to Lead Conversion"
This product will teach you how to get in front of more buyers and sellers by teaching you ...
  • How to REACH Your Leads
  • WHAT TO SAY & DO to Compel Them to Meet With You
Here's What You Get ...

Craig's Universal Call Back Script

Convert Leads - No Matter Where They're From ...
in 3 Minutes or Less
This script guides you step by step through these important conversations so you know what to ask and when, how to sift and sort prospects to determine their timing and motivation, and what to say to book the appointment with ready-to-act-now leads. (Value $597)

Craig Proctor Wears a Wire!

Listen in as Craig Proctor Converts Facebook Leads
Be a fly on the wall as I call back Facebook leads. By modeling exactly what I say and how I say it, you will learn how to dramatically increase your conversion and decrease the time you spend on the phone.  If this insight only led to one more appointment, and if you only win 10% of your listing presentations, this audio would be worth at least $597! (Value $597)

Top Strategies of Millionaire Agents:
The Real Estate Expert Secret Digest

A Year of Real Estate Expert Secrets
A  52 episode, week-by-week injection of the strategies that transformed me from a newbie agent living in my parent's basement to the #1 RE/MAX Agent in the World - the same strategies that I've taught my members enabling them to vault to high 6 and 7 figure incomes simply by copying these same strategies. (Value $97)

Topics include:

  • ​The 4 Biggest Follow Up Mistakes Agents Make and How to Fix Them 
  • ​How to Increase Your Business by 40% or More by Asking this Simple 4-Word Question
  • How to Never Lose Another Qualified Prospect 
  • ​ When’s the Best Time to Call Your Leads?
  • ​How to Double Your Odds of Reaching Your Prospects 
  • ​How to Spend Less Time on Follow Up But Make More Money
And, ON THIS PAGE ONLY, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1:
How to Generate High Quality Leads on a Shoestring Budget
9 bare-bones but highly effective ways you can generate qualified buyer and seller leads even if you're struggling to make ends meet and don't know where your next commission check is coming from.
In this comprehensive guide, we show you how to very inexpensively generate an abundance of high quality leads (several of which won't actually cost you a penny!) (Value $197)
Bonus #2
The Renegade FSBO System That Will Make Your Competitors Mad!
When you get into real estate you’re taught to cold call, knock on doors and hound FSBO’s and Expireds. While FSBO's are a sensible target group since they do have a home to sell and are interested in selling it now, the problem is that every other agent in town is after the same prospect. This is a pretty tough fight given that you’re dealing with a prospect who’s probably somewhat frustrated with the real estate process in general, and you’re operating in a cluttered competitive environment.
This Special Report outlines a simple system that actually compels FSBO's to call YOU to ask for your assistance. (Value $37)
With this formidable arsenal of tools you'll learn how to convert more buyer and seller leads than you know what to do with and take LESS time doing it ... 
... for a fraction of the regular cost!
WARNING ... this is A
limited time offer!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If, for any reason, you are not completely happy with my Rich Agents Secrets to Lead Conversion System, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days with no hassle
What would it be worth to you to ....
Never Have to Worry About Leads EVER Again?
What would it be worth to you to get inside knowledge and a step-by-step blueprint so you:
  • NEVER Need to Make a Cold Call or Door Knock or Beg for Referrals Ever Again
  • NEVER Have to Buy Leads or WASTE Money on Ineffective Advertising
  • NEVER Have to Wonder and Worry About Where Your Next Commission Check is Coming From
  • NEVER Have to Compromise Your Family or Your Free Time or Your Own Self Respect
What would it be worth to you to finally get paid what you're worth? To have income consistency ... "high income" consistency?
Well, I'm here to tell you that all of that is possible. Do the right thing and order my Rich Agent Secrets to Lead Generation Now and I promise you your life will change.

I look forward to helping you make a quantum leap in your business and your life.

-Craig Proctor
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • ​​Craig's Universal Call Back Script - Convert Leads - No Matter Where They're From ... in 3 Minutes or Less (Value $597)
  • Craig Proctor Wears a Wire! Listen in as Craig Proctor Converts Facebook Leads ($597 Value)
  • Top Strategies of Millionaire Agents: The Real Estate Expert Secret Digest ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: 9 Ways to Generate High Quality Leads on a Shoestring Budget ($197 Value)
  • ​BONUS #2: The Renegade FSBO System That Will Make Your Competitors Mad! ($37 Value)
Total Value: $1,525
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $37
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Dynamically Updated
PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER: Please understand my results, and the results of thousands of my successful members, are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of not only having been a successful real estate agent myself (Twice #1 for Re/Max Worldwide and top 10 throughout my over 20 years as an agent), and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. It is true that thousands of my members have been able to built high 6-figure and even 7-figure businesses, but I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT ORDER THIS FREE BOOK.
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