Special Live Real Estate Training Event - Tue, Apr 9, 2024 at 1pm ET (10am PT)

 Special Live Real Estate Training Event: Tues, Apr 9, 2024 at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Hosted by the #1 Real Estate Agent Millionaire-Maker: Craig Proctor (former #1 Re/max Agent in the World)

*100% Free Live Training. No Credit Card Required
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A Proven Life Raft to Lift You From the Perilous Waters of the Current Market

In the current volatile market, with still high interest rates, stark inventory, scary legislation, and buyer and seller nervousness, there's going to be another Darwinian cleansing of real estate agents leading to an orphaning of serious buyer and seller prospects.
The market has changed. Your prospects have changed. The rules have changed. The tech has changed. To survive and do well in the months and years ahead, your approach to this business must also change.
Those agents who are willing to wade into the dangerous, bloody waters armored against the coming devastation with smart, out-of-the-box thinking and strategies that escape the masses will emerge on the other side of this and be rewarded with an ocean of wealth.

This webinar is for agents who are ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into the hard work ahead. I'll share hyper focus on the only strategies that will help you survive and prosper in the years ahead while those around you are gasping and drowning.

The Real Estate Game Has CHANGED ... So Must YOUR Strategies

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
*100% Free Live Training. No Credit Card Required

Hosted by the #1 Real Estate Agent Millionaire-Maker: Craig Proctor (former #1 Re/max Agent in the World)

IMPORTANT: I KNOW from REAL Experience How to Keep Your Business Strong & Growing During Challenging, Difficult, Upside-Down Markets

Free 90 minute training webinar, live on zoom where you can get your questions answered about how to implement this immediately!


 We Have a SYSTEM for Each Stage of Your Business

  • These are the same systems that made Craig Proctor the #1 Re/Max Agent in the World in his 3rd Year in the Business at 29 Years Old, Selling Over 500 Homes per Year and Earning Over $4 Million in Annual GCI
  • These are the same systems that have catapulted thousands of Craig Proctor members to high 6-figure and even 7 and 8 figure businesses
  • These are the same systems that will change your business and your life

Who is Craig Proctor?

"Craig is a visionary who reinvented the job called real estate and someone who teaches agents about freedom rather than about work."
- Michael Gerber (author of the bestselling business book The E-Myth )
Craig Proctor’s Real Estate Success System has created more Millionaire Agents than any other coach or trainer. Leveraging his own highly successful 20+ year real estate career (selling 500+ homes/year and twice #1 for RE/MAX Worldwide) Craig Proctor helps agents transform their real estate jobs into highly lucrative real estate businesses, teaching them how to earn more and work less.
- Michael Gerber (author of the bestselling business book The E-Myth)
The Average Income for Craig Proctor System Members Is OVER $700k. Over 100 Members Earn OVER $1 MILLION In Annual GCI. MANY Earn Annual GCI of $2 MILLION. Some Even Broke $20 MILLION Last Year. 
“I joined the Craig Proctor Coaching Program in 2017. Before that, I was working on my own in the real estate world. The Craig Proctor System gave me a deep understanding of how real estate agencies work. It showed me how to smartly negotiate our fees, which led to more advantages throughout the process. As a result, I quickly achieved the goals I had when I started using the system.
“From 2019 to now I've shifted from being a lone agent to leading a team of 60 OSA members. The transformation includes going from 50 deals with a total income of $1,000,000 in the first year of CP, to now achieving 370 deals annually with an income exceeding $7,000,000.
“The CP system has provided me the ability to build a successful team, allowing me to step back from the business and focus on what’s important to me.
“With the current market going through changes, there are bound to be a lot of challenges ahead. The entire real estate landscape is about to be reshaped. With the guidance of the Craig Proctor System, I'm excited about our ability to navigate these challenges, emerge successful, and handle whatever difficulties come our way.” - Freeman Wang (Rowland Heights, CA)

“I became a Realtor at mid-age in a new country a couple years ago as a new immigrant. I started with zero knowledge in the real estate industry and selling. I was so lucky to find Craig Proctor Coaching at the very beginning of my new career. At that time, I thought success meant being able to take care of the necessities and pay my mortgage.
“Today, I have a highly functioning team. My husband has left his job as an engineer and joined me in the business. Business is growing healthily even in a tough year like this. Clients are drawn to us organically with the marketing methods Craig Proctor taught us. 
"In 2022, we earned $397k GCI. YTD 2023 we are at $536k GCI but are well on track to finish 2023 at $700k+. To all new Realtors, if I can do it, you can!” - Priscilla Han (Markham, ON)

"We have to thank people like Craig that have trained us and nurtured us, shown us how to do a better job, do our work in less time, make more money and have more time for ourselves.  I've shaken hands with the very finest instructors in the world and Craig is one of them." - Dave Liniger (Founder and Former Chairman & CEO of RE/MAX)
“Craig has changed my life. Prior to Craig I was trading my own personal time for money and I did not have a business. Everything in my real estate sales relied 100% on me. Craig showed me how to leverage others and to truly build a business that would allow us to serve more and more families with their real estate needs. I put this to the test in 2018 when I moved my family to Ireland for a year, and ran my business from 5000 miles away. Without Craig there is no way I could have done that. My business not only survived, but thrived due to my awesome team members who were able to carry the business forward while I was not physically there. That year would not have been possible without Craig. In 2020 when the world shut down, Craig was able to help guide me through that tough year and we actually ended up having our best year in our company's history! Thank you Craig!” - Mike Szakos (Ventura, CA)
“Joining the Craig Proctor Coaching System has been an amazing journey. I joined the system in 2015 and from that day, this is the most beautiful ride I could ever have imagined. Not only has it changed my life, but it has given me the power to impact the lives of other people around me. We’ve made Millions of dollars in GCI following the Proctor system, but this system can give you above and beyond what you even thought about. I’ve been with Craig’s system now for nine years with many years to come. I wish for those of you reading this to join the system so you can change your life and impact other people’s lives too.” - Jag Ghuman (Brampton, ON)

"There aren't many doers in this industry who would invest their time to help you 'do', the way Craig does. Craig Proctor nailed the idea for the industry of getting response. That is the secret. There are a handful of amazing coaches on this planet and Craig is one of them." - Gary Keller (Founder & CEO of  Keller Williams )
"We had a mere $10 between us when we attended our first Craig Proctor SuperConference in 2015. Two months earlier, the tax man had threatened to repossess our home if we didn’t pay our $204k debt within the next 3 months. We’d already been in real estate 15 years by then. Scraping by. Then not scraping by. But we weren’t ready to give up. Instead, we remortgaged our home, borrowed money from family to attend the Conference, and made our $10 last the weekend (we brought a toaster to the hotel and food cooked for us by family). This was our rock bottom moment.

"We finished 2015 with $88k GCI. We doubled that by June 2016 and were DEBT FREE by June 2017. We did everything Craig taught us. We grew our team and worked on implementing as fast as possible. Our aim for 2018 was $1 Million GCI and we hit that by June. In 2019 we were able to give over $20k to worthy causes and finished the year at $1.5 Million GCI. Covid didn't slow us a bit. We closed 2020 with $2.3 Million GCI and in Feb 2021 we opened our own brokerage. Last year we earned over $5 Million GCI and gave $100k to worthy causes. - Bertrand & Argy Dussault (Saint Philippe, QC)
“Tim and I owned a small mom & pop real estate company. He was the Designated Broker and I was the agent. We made an "okay" living but one day we looked up and realized we were at retirement age and couldn’t retire. We would have to work the rest of our lives. 

“Once we were introduced to Craig in 2019, we knew this was the answer. Tim and I are both Army veterans and systems make sense to us. Over the last 2 years of implementing what Craig has taught us, we've paid off our debt, are taking RV/Harley vacations (and I’m not working), have bought a lovely home and have one investment property. We have grown our team and now earn over $1 Million in annual GCI. We are implementing as quickly as we can and our goal is to own our own brokerage and to see what the future holds. It looks exciting!” - Gayle and Tim Kendrick (Sun City West, AZ)

"Craig is one of the most successful real estate practitioners in the history of North American real estate, and he’s one of the greatest - if not greatest - coaches in the history of real estate.  He’s a selling engineer, a scientist consumed by his systems." - Allan Dalton (Former President and CEO of Realtor.com)
"Craig is one of the most successful real estate practitioners in the history of North American real estate, and he’s one of the greatest - if not greatest - coaches in the history of real estate.  He’s a selling engineer, a scientist consumed by his systems." - Allan Dalton (Former President and CEO of Realtor.com)
“I've been in Craig's system for about a year now. Before that, I was lost. I didn't know how to get business. I didn't know what to do with my day. Now I have direction, I have the resources to implement it, and I have one-on-one help every step of the way. Craig's system has 4X’d my business and I really think we're only just scratching the surface. So Craig, I can't thank you enough. I appreciate everything you've done for us, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes us. Thank you.” - Gavin Lutz (Grimsby, ON)
“Back in 2019 I ALMOST QUIT real estate. I had a couple of nightmare transactions and was honestly at my wits’ end. I was spending hundreds of hours farming, cold calling and walking miles upon miles passing out flyers in neighborhoods just to get kicked out.  I was completing about 12-20 transactions per year. Then I met Craig Proctor. While I was skeptical at first, everything I've achieved wouldn't have been possible without him. I tripled my business within one year. In 2020 I earned $224k by myself. In 2021, under Craig's guidance, I built a team and my GCI was over $750k and I was able to donate $50,000 to a charity (Forgotten Angles) I'm passionate about. I don’t work weekends at all and finally have a 9 to 5 career with my team under me." - Whitney Boland (Riverview, FL)

"Craig Proctor is a true icon of the North American real estate industry. He understands, uses and shares the power of systems. He is the Michael Gerber of real estate. Craig has the amazing gift of showing and coaching agents how to attract more business. His track record and contributions are solid and long-standing." - Dave Jenks (Co-Author of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent)

"Craig Proctor is a true icon of the North American real estate industry. He understands, uses and shares the power of systems. He is the Michael Gerber of real estate. Craig has the amazing gift of showing and coaching agents how to attract more business. His track record and contributions are solid and long-standing." - Dave Jenks (Co-Author of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent)
“I have made millions of dollars with the Craig Proctor Multi Million dollar Agent-Maker system! Craig is a guy that actually sold houses (a real estate career as the Top Remax agent in all of North America for 15 years straight) not someone that just has a theory on how to sell houses ! I don’t need a motivational speaker; I need a mentor!! Thanks Craig you’re the best in the business! - Tracy King (Sevierville, TN)
“My success is a testament to the invaluable support and mentorship I have received since joining Craig's AMAZING coaching system. Their wisdom, guidance and teachings in setting, negotiating, and collecting my fees (among many other systems) have been instrumental in my success and achieving the milestones I once only dreamed of. 
“I am thrilled to say that my 2022 GCI was $130k and I am currently at $248 GCI 2023 YTD with $46k pending.
“Thank you, Craig and all of the genuine colleagues/friends that I’ve connected with through this process. The opportunities and the profound impact on my career are gifts I cherish with much appreciation. I want to thank each and all of you for being an integral part of my professional journey.” - Ariana Arroyo (Chandler, AZ)


But Here's the Problem, Right?
Real Estate is Really TWO businesses ....
  • The Business of HELPING Clients Buy or Sell a Home (This is the easy part; It's why you got into the business in the first place)
  • The Business of FINDING Clients to Work With: (This is the hard part; without an effective lead generation system, real estate is difficult)
The fact is, you can be the best, most professional and skilled real estate agent on the planet but if you don't have enough clients to work with ... you'll starve.

What you NEED is a way to inexpensively and automatically generate a steady flow of motivated, ready-to-act prospects - a way to fill your lead pipeline that doesn't depend on your blood, sweat and tears.

But for most agents, there's a hard, unbreakable link between hard work, long hours and income in this business. For most, high income is the reward earned by your tolerance for pain and punishment. For most, it's a numbers game, so you must suffer through hordes of unqualified, indecisive, impossible to satisfy time-wasting non-prospects just to unearth a gem now and then.
For most agents, the equation is ...
"Your Money or Your Life"
In other words, you EITHER make good money but have NO TIME to enjoy it, OR you have so few clients that you have lots of free time but NO MONEY

EVEN WORSE? For far too many agents, BOTH things are broken:
They kill themselves 24/7 chasing unqualified, disloyal prospects so they have both NO MONEY AND NO TIME!

Aren't You SO Sick and Tired of it All?

When you drag your sorry carcass home at the end of each long day, don't you wonder how you'll ever get out from under ...

  • Roller Coaster, Up and Down, Gut-Twisting Income Uncertainty?
  • Chasing Cold, Unqualified, Disloyal, Often Rude and Insulting Prospects?
  • Spending Your Hard-Earned Money to BUY Leads That Never Go Anywhere?
  • ​Being "On Call" 24/7 Like a Cardiac Surgeon or Bail Bondsman?
  • Trotting Out Like a Beauty Pageant Contestant to Meet With Prospects Also Interviewing 3, 4, 5 Other Agents? 
  • Spending Your Weekends at Open Houses Where Nobody Comes?
  • ​​Hounding FSBOs and Expireds
  • Feeling Desperate and Fearful About "Losing a Deal"?
  • ​Feeling Like a Beggar on Bended Knee
  • ​Investing Untold Hours Playing Tour Guide to Buyers, Showing Properties to Prospects Who Can't Make a Decision or, Worse, Find a Way to Leave You Behind When it Comes Time to Buy?
  • ​Having to Turn Every Social Engagement into a Sell-a-Thon So You Find Yourself Pushing Business Cards at Your Child's Soccer Game or Dance Recital or at the Neighborhood BBQ
  • Death by Advertising - spending, spending, spending with nothing to show for it
  • ​Being Pushed by Trainers, Coaches, Managers, Peers to "Do More"
  • ​Tension at Home ... Resentment of Your Career
I get it. The fact is that wherever you are in your business right now, I've been there too.

I know only too well how this business can suck the very life out of you and make it seem impossible to ever earn a decent living without sacrificing everything else you hold dear. 

I know. I've been there.
But it doesn't have to be this way!
You see, when I started out in this business, I did ALL of the above. In fact, you could say that I made the same BIG mistake most agents make when they get into the business: I looked around at what all the other agents were doing and I copied them.

As it turns out, "copying" wasn't a bad plan, it's just that I was copying the WRONG people; the WRONG system...

Over the 20+ years of my own real estate career, I've gone from being as dumb as a pile of rocks, living in my parents' basement, dead-broke, burnt-out and demoralized to twice being the #1 Re/Max Agent Worldwide selling over 500 homes a year and earning annual GCI of over $4 Million. So I can tell you from firsthand experience that the problem isn’t you. The problem is the techniques and systems you’re using. And once I figured it all out, it became my mission to help other real estate agents just like you!
My name is Craig Proctor ... 
... and I Went from ZERO to 7-FIGURES With the Lead Generation SYSTEM I Want to Share With You
Look, if this is a business where it's easy to make $250,000.00, $500,000.00, even $1 Million a year .... and I promise you, it is - why don’t more do that? 

Over the last 25 years, I’ve carefully observed the behavior of over 30,000 agents who are using my system, as well as those I’ve competed against, coached, counseled, etc. I’ve also very carefully analyzed what works for me and what doesn’t.

But more than that, I learned by watching successful businesses outside of Real Estate and asking: who are the major players and what are they doing and not doing that makes them so successful? 

Out of all that, I narrowed the differences between the relative few who create giant incomes and rich lives from this business, versus the vast majority who struggle, to just a few simple strategies that it's important for you to understand. 
Read how truly life-changing my system is from just a few of my over 30,000 students from all over North America ...
Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Could Flick a Switch and NEVER Have to Worry About Lead Generation Ever Again!

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • NEVER Need to Make a Cold Call Again
  • ENJOY a Steady, Consistent Flow of Prospects Contacting You (vs. You Chasing Them)
  • ​Impose REAL CONTROL Over Every Aspect of Your Business
  • ​ENJOY WHATEVER 6-Figure or Even 7-Figure Income You Really Want
  • ​WORK A NORMAL 20-40 Work Week (vs. the 50, 60, 70 Hours You're Putting in Now)
  • ​HAVE EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS AS YOUR OWN to Whatever Extent You Want, Without Harming Your Income, Without Worry and Guilt
  • ​Have Your Spouse or Significant Other & Family STOP RESENTING YOUR BUSINESS
  • BUILD UP A "BANK" OF MATURING LEADS Converting to Listings Month In and Month Out, So Income Evens Out and Stabilizes, and Ups and Downs and Slumps and Dry Spells End
  • Use One Ad Dollar or Marketing Activity to SIMULTANEOUSLY DO TWO THINGS: produce prospects ready-to-act-now AND "stock the pond" with others who will get ready over varying periods of time. (That second group is "money in the bank" accumulating, stacking, so that a sufficient arrival of ready prospects each month becomes more and more certain each month you operate my System.)
  • ​If You Are a Struggling Agent, Get RESCUED From Financial Strife, Futile Work, Feeling Like a Failure, Family Discord and FINALLY HAVE A CLEAR AND CERTAIN ROADMAP TO FOLLOW
These Days, Real Estate Coaches, Trainers and Gurus are Crawling Out of the Woodwork ... 
... they're All Over Facebook and Instagram and in Your Inbox.
Who Should You Listen to??
          Some of them sell a few or even dozens of homes a year, but most are failed agents looking for a new way to make money (from YOU). Many of them have "borrowed" what they learned from ME. Astonishingly, some have never sold a home in their lives or in decades - never been in front of a real buyer or seller. What on earth do you think you could learn from them?? Something they read in a book or heard at a seminar that they're now regurgitating without ever trying it themselves??? It sounds kind of silly to think they could teach you anything of value, doesn't it?
          I'll tell you, who you learn from MATTERS. You don't need motivation or hype (you're already motivated). What you need is a PROVEN system that works in the real world, right now. And THAT'S what I've got for you. If you investigate any marketplace across North America you'll find that the very top agents are Craig Proctor System users.
          No other coach or trainer can even come close to my well-documented track record. No other real estate system has been successfully duplicated in as many markets by as many agents producing such staggeringly successful results. My system has created more Millionaire agents than any other. Period.
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PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER: Please understand my results, and the results of thousands of my successful members, are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of not only having been a successful real estate agent myself (Twice #1 for Re/Max Worldwide and top 10 throughout my over 20 years as an agent), and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. It is true that thousands of my members have been able to built high 6-figure and even 7-figure businesses, but I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT TAKE THIS FREE  TRAINING.